Startups Branding Package

We work with luxury and super-luxury brands all over the world, including royalty, multi-nationals and high-end niche organisations. And while we’re very proud of the work we do for established brands, our Startups Branding Package is our way of giving back. Throughout 2020 we will be helping aspirational luxury brand start-ups with small budgets get the basics right, and become the luxury brands of tomorrow.


“To build a successful business you must start small and dream big”

Aliko Dangote

Great branding is at the heart of any great business, whether you’re Nike, Apple or Chanel. Sure, they have good products, but it’s the way they communicate that lodges in an audience’s mind. A strong and memorable brand identity makes it easy for your customers to understand who you are, what you do, where you want to go and, most importantly, why they should buy from you.

By crafting a strong brand identity for your luxury startup, we can let people know why you’re different from other similar brands – and make your product or service stand out from the crowd. It’s this that will result in long-term relationships with your target audience.


What you need to prepare

In a way, startups have it easy. They are not bogged down by previous failures, scandals or upheavals; there are no consumer expectations or associations. A new brand can decide who it is, how it does what it does and where it wants to go. To benefit from our most cost effective package, you will already have a brand name, understand your field and know all about your competitors.


What’s included in our Startups Branding Package

Brand story

A brand always starts with a story. It sets out its aims, its journey, its learnings and its purpose, making your product or service more relatable. Think of Nike’s dynamic “Just Do It” slogan, Volvo’s connection with safety (even though car brands all pass the same safety tests), and Benetton focusing on breaking down barriers between people in their advertising instead of their products. We will create a compelling and persuasive brand story to differentiate you from your competition and resonate with your target market.

Bespoke logo design

A logo can present the central idea of a brand with impact, brevity and immediacy, operating as a visual trigger which works much faster than words – and can unleash strong emotions. We will craft a bespoke logo and business card artwork for your luxury brand that reflects its values and aspirations.

Social media logos & favicon

Social media is likely going to be an essential part of your marketing strategy and from the very conception of your bespoke logo we will be considering its legibility in a small format for social media channels. If you’re serious about branding your business, a favicon should also be a part of your brand toolkit (a favicon appears at the top of a web browser). Although only a small branding element, it’s small details like this that will help you stand out from the competition.

Brand toolkit

Our Branding for Startups offer includes the creation of a focused brand toolkit (5-8 pages). Brand consistency is key and this brand toolkit will ensure your company always looks professional and considered. The content will include rules relating to logo application, fonts and colours, enabling you to communicate your brand consistently and confidently in all applications. If required we can create more extensive brand guidelines for an additional fee.


Take the next step…

Our Startups Branding Package is aimed at new or young luxury businesses looking to take the next step in marketing their brand. The more you bring to the table, the more cost-effective the process will be. The elements outlined above reflect the typical key deliverables needed when launching a new brand. Every client and project is unique and we can of course adapt or expand these deliverables to suit your own individual requirements.

If you are starting your own luxury brand and would like to find out more about our Startups Branding Package please get in touch.