Creating high end luxury event invitations and save the dates to target the uber wealthy and UHNWI (Ultra-High Net Worth Individuals) is certainly a challenge. This super rich crowd has its own very unique needs and desires and there are a lot of different factors that must be weighed up when creating luxury event invitations for high profile events aimed at this highly discerning audience.

Luxury event invitations must communicate your brand values

An invitation isn’t just about asking someone to attend an event. It communicates your brand’s values, sends subliminal messages about what it stands for and starts a personal conversation with the recipient. It can even set the tone for your corporate event. When sending out high profile event invitations, luxury brands need to review what their brand stands for and what they are trying to say and translate it into a luxurious event invitation that communicates the correct message on many different levels.

Don’t underestimate the powerful sense of touch

When it comes to ranking human senses, sight is clearly number one, but the sense of touch is also incredibly powerful. Phones buzz, emails ping, but beautifully printed, bespoke, high end luxury event invitations immediately stand out from all the noise. As the recipient opens the hand-written envelope and slides the event invitation out, their first touchpoint is quite literally that: touch. How your luxury event invitations ‘feel’ will make a huge initial impact in the world of luxury.

Whether you choose paper, wood, metal, perspex or even stone for your luxury event invitations, the choice and quality of production materials is of the utmost importance for expressing a luxury brand’s values. Specialist printing techniques will also add to the tactile nature of bespoke, luxurious event invitations.

Along with touch, how a bespoke invitation looks is a major factor in perceiving high standards. Getting both the ‘look’ and ‘feel’ spot on will have the biggest impact. We’re big fans of experimenting with different printing techniques for an unmistakably high end finish, adding texture and depth that suggest luxury in subtle, understated ways. To illustrate our approach we thought we’d round up some of the most striking examples of prestigious save the dates and luxury event invitations we have created over the years.

Luxury event invitations with high end print finishes

Etching is a delicate technique of exceptional precision. In this technique, the laser is configured to remove a layer of the material surface in exactly calculated depths. We employed this technique on luxurious save-the-dates commissioned for an Indian jewellery exhibition at London’s V&A museum (commissioned on behalf of a member of the Qatari royal family). Laser-etching a Persian inscription extracted from an important piece in the collection onto gilt-edged textured board and presented in handmade and hand-lined envelopes. These luxury save the dates left the invitee in no doubt that this was a luxury event not to be missed.

Luxury event invitations commissioned on behalf of a member of the Qatari royal family

Embossing creates an image raised against its background and provides more depth and texture. We used multi-level blind embossing (leaving off the ink) – for a clean, subtle impression. Our super-exclusive save-the-date for an exhibition at the Doge’s Palace in Venice used the technique. The resulting piece breathes quiet luxury and was presented in a bespoke hand-made envelope.

Exclusive save-the-date design for an exhibition at the Doge’s Palace in Venice

The exquisite, luxury event invitations we designed for a prestigious private event organised by renowned party planner Lady Elizabeth Anson used a combination of engraving, multi-level embossing and hot foiling using holographic foils, resulting in a tactile and sparkling high end design.

An obsessive eye for detail

Making a visual impact on luxury event invitations is a given, whether using photography, typography or illustration to communicate a message. And sometimes the subtlest details make the greatest impact.

We developed the brand and all printed marketing material for Kallos Gallery in Mayfair. All the high end collateral we produced included the logo applied using a multi-embossed technique to lift the horse motif proud off the page with minute muscle tone detail. It’s a tiny detail, but one that speaks volumes about the brand’s eye for quality.

For the Kallos gallery launch party, we created luxury event invitations using a paper stock that was gently debossed with a fine brushstroke design to suggest horsehair, mirroring the brand concept. All text information was engraved and a professional calligrapher personalised each of the luxury event invitations by hand. With a guest list that included Prince Charles, the presentation required particular gravitas. A high end presentation box covered in a soft, tactile material and embedded with a real copper, branded plaque is held closed with a bespoke, hand-tied ribbon.

Luxury event invitations can also push high end production standards to the limit, as in the next example, again created for a member of the Qatari royal family. Our brief was simple, just one piece from the curated collection of Indian Antiquities should be featured and it must ‘jump off the page’ in full colour. With a high definition lenticular (holographic image) on one side our solution did exactly that – something that cannot be recreated on screen unfortunately!

Luxury event invitations for Qatari sheikh

The presentation of high end luxury event invitations  

So, how do you present luxury event invitations aimed at such a discerning audience? The obvious solution is an envelope, but even a simple envelope can exude luxury. We look at every element of an envelope (paper stock, weight, format and design) and elevate each of them for maximum high end impact. It is the same approach we apply to everything we produce. A bespoke template, engraved motif, beautiful paper stock, perhaps hand-lined with a bespoke brand pattern and preferably hand written (we even have hand writing robots these days!). Every element done well will result in luxury event invitations that just feel, well…. more special!

When even more gravitas is required, we create luxury presentation boxes. Entirely bespoke and hand-made, these are always conceptualised from scratch and may be developed in any format to perfectly suit a specific brief (lift up/off lid, clamshell, slip case). We also have extensive knowledge and access to all manner of weird and wonderful high end paper stocks and other cover materials!

Luxury event invitation design service

Our luxury event invitation design service is backed up by an outstanding level of print knowledge, techniques and materials, along with an obsessive attention to detail and an address book full of outstanding craftspeople, printers and finishers.

At SO Creative we are fortunate to work with luxury brands who are committed to extremely high end production values – and often are keen to experiment with different techniques and high end finishes to produce something new and exciting. Whatever your aims, we can create luxury event invitations that will make your brand or foundation stand out from others – and ensure an event that people will want to attend.