Brand identity and creative brochure design for award winning interior design company

Operating from offices around the world, RPA is an award-winning group of companies providing planning, architecture, design, project management and interior architecture services since 1983. SO were comissioned with the task of creating the group brand identity along with three primary sub brands  – RPA facilities, RPA architecture and RPA interiors.

The dynamic icon we created was formed from three ellipses, each representing one of the three sub brands. The group logo includes this icon coloured with a full spectrum colour palette. Each of the sub brand logos use the same icon and the same logo format, but in each instance the icon is differentiated by colour and features a shorter gradient range of colours selected from the full spectrum.

Following the creation of the logo and visual brand identity we went on to design a creative brochure design for RPA Vision, the interior design arm of the company. A small, square format no larger than a CD case, this innovative sales brochure included a hidden pocket in the back to insert loose leaf case studies. This format gave our clients the flexibility to tailor the brochure contents depending on a recipient’s particular needs.