We are delighted to announce the launch of SO’s brand new, fully mobile responsive website design (and slightly embarrassed that it has taken us this long to get round to it!).

A whole new world has opened up relatively recently as far website design and development goes and it’s making websites created only a few years ago look very old hat. We’ve been preaching this to our clients for years so it’s a relief to finally find the time to practise what we preach. Emerging web technology now provides designers and developers with a vast amount of creative freedom that they never had before.

With such a wealth of animation and transition possibilities at our fingertips the hardest task was creating a sophisticated, image-led design style without getting over excited and hindering the user experience with gratuitous fluff! We are very proud of the end result and look forward to creating many more websites of the same high standard for our clients.

The simple design style is perfectly suited to viewing on an iPad with only minor modifications required

A simple grid structure that reformats and stacks on mobile devices with no aesthetic compromises