Print Design

Luxury print design specialists

SO have over 20 years’ print design experience. We create exquisite corporate and personal stationery, bespoke event invitations, brochures and magnificent coffee table books along with many more high-specification print design collateral. For luxury brands, print design still reigns as one of the most effective and brand-enhancing mediums to deliver your brand message. Print delivers in ways that digital simply can’t: it stimulates the sense of touch, takes readers on a journey and conveys the subtle qualities of taste and refinement.

“In a world of fake news and superficial images, print publications stand for substance and meaning.”

Véronique Louise - Moët Hennessy’s Global Branding and Media Director

Our sense of touch can influence our emotional, physical and intellectual responses, giving tactile print design the ability to build a unique physical connection with consumers. You can feel quality through the choice of paper stock, imagery, printing technique, binding style or weight, all of which contribute to the sensory experience. Print design gives luxury brands far more control over quality and exclusivity, allowing brands to make careful choices to convey their values. Print media remains a key indicator of luxury brands that set the standards of taste and style, allowing us to savour beautiful communications in colour-rich, high-resolution quality.


The SO approach to print design

The medium of print offers endless opportunities for innovation, even for the simplest of projects. As a bespoke specialist, we approach every print design project with a fresh pad of paper and no preconceived ideas. We excel at finding innovative print solutions for unusual or challenging briefs, always choosing the highest production standards and managing each project methodically to be on time and on budget.

Our knowledge of luxury design and superior printing and finishing methods guarantees a finished product that will be noticed, and we work tirelessly to ensure meticulous attention to detail in every element of our work. Aware that exceptional concepts and layouts are nothing without superb execution, we are supported by a trusted a team of specialist printers and niche craftspeople, resulting in the most exceptional printed products that appeal to the most discerning clientele.


A boutique print design agency

Join the ranks of clients worldwide who have commissioned stunning print design, from exquisite personal branding for royal households, coffee table books to market the homes of billionaires and marketing communications for galleries, among many more incredible projects.

If you think SO would be a good fit for your next print design project, please get in touch and we will be delighted to answer any questions you may have.