Book packaging

Custom book boxes & book packaging

Aside from a beautiful book, immediate wow factor can be achieved through custom book boxes and book packaging. Free from the constraints of book printing processes, a custom book box is the perfect opportunity to create more stand-out and added value.

The book boxes we make tend to fall into two broad categories – cardboard based or hand-crafted. Cardboard based custom boxes (often called rigid boxes), can be designed to any size in a variety of recognised formats such as clamshell boxes, slipcases or shoulder boxes, although there the similarity ends. Even custom box concepts which employ the same box format can look and feel completely different to each other depending on a specific design, production process or cover material.

One-of-a-kind handmade book boxes

Our creative recommendations for hand crafted boxes are unconstrained and can be any shape or format. By hand-crafted we mean made from any substrate (wood, metal, acylic, resin, glass etc) as opposed to a more traditional cardboard construction.

Handmade book boxes of this nature don’t benefit from quite the same economies of scale as rigid boxes of a cardboard construction and they can also take significantly longer to make. The uniqueness of ideas put forward by our book designer become governed only by what is achievable within a client’s budget and timeline.

The coffee table book commissions that we receive often include a requirement for a special edition version, if this is the case then a smaller number of handmade custom book boxes is often a great way to add the required differentiation. The custom book box concepts we create are always unique to each coffee table book project, and we will never produce the same concept twice. Concepts are always be created to reflect and enhance the overarching book concept, in both design and materials.

The handcrafted box concept above is for a superyacht coffee table book. The slipcase format box has a high gloss white outer rim to mimic the white fibreglass of the yacht. The 10mm clear acrylic sides are adorned with in-laid mother of pearl marquetry in the same bay leaf design that exists in the yacht living quarters.

Custom book mailing boxes & protective packaging

A beautifully printed book within an even more beautiful rigid board or handmade box will most likely need further protective packaging for its onward journey to a final destination. This is an element that is often overlooked, but the unboxing of a gorgeous custom coffee table book is an important part of the overall brand experience. We can offer a variety of book mailing and book packaging solutions to suit a specific brief, from simple custom book mailing wraps to bespoke wooden crates.

If you would like to speak to us about creating a one-of-a-kind custom coffee table book and box design please complete the enquiry form at the bottom of this page as we will be delighted to help.