Coffee table book copywriting & tone of voice

The temptation with luxury coffee table books is to let design and imagery do all the work. We think such an approach does not always do full justice to companies that have depth, integrity – and a meaningful past, present and future narrative.

Copywriting will always be needed, usually as a support to the visual story, but sometimes, when presenting company histories, or specific business beliefs or activity for example, it becomes a more dominant feature. Our task therefore is to communicate, with words as much as visuals, a company’s story within the book copywriting, sincerely and truthfully with the correct rational and emotional tone. Done well, book copywriting will create brand depth and texture, and clearly communicate a brand’s core values, goals and visions.

Coming up with the big picture idea – the book concept – is an essential first step in our coffee table book making process. Only once the book concept is established can the actual book copywriting begin. A powerful book concept will not only serve to create deeper, longer lasting emotional connections with readers, but on a more practical level it will influence the book copywriting direction and tone of voice. Tone of voice can be one of the most influential elements in a coffee table book, and its the tone of voice used within the copywriting, not the communication of information, that really resonates with readers. This is the case no matter how long or short the copywriting.

Multilingual coffee table books

Our copywriting for custom books is as refined and polished as one would expect in a luxury coffee table book, not only in English but in any other language, and we are often asked to design and print coffee table books in multiple languages. This is not a task we take lightly and we work closely with expert translation agencies to ensure meticulous attention to detail when translating English coffee table book copywriting to any number of international languages including Chinese Mandarin, Arabic and French Québécois. Our aim is always to not only maintain the overall message, but also adapt the copywriting style and tone of voice to ensure as much resonance as possible with the target culture.


Words have their place in coffee table books. Working alongside visuals they add structure, support, information and a range of emotions to reflect the brand, its category and its audience. They may not always be centre stage but successful companies in the luxury sector write their brand stories with the same passion, precision and care as the product or visual experience itself.

If you are considering commissioning a custom coffee table book we would love to help. Please complete the enquiry form at the bottom of this page and we will be delighted to answer any questions you may have.