Book printing

Custom book printing & production

A coffee table book should look desirable enough to want to turn the cover, so how it looks and feels is initially more important than the contents within. This desirability is achieved through a combination of a good book concept, beautiful design, superb craftsmanship, flawless printing and high-end book packaging.

As specialist print designers we are as passionate about book printing as we are about book design and we invest significant time during the book design process developing all physical aspects. This includes size and format, materials and paper stocks, printing techniques, binding methods, cover materials and other unusual printing techniques and embellishments.

Our specialist book printers and other craftspeople share our passion for creating books with meticulous attention to detail. We can print books lithographically or digitally and all book printing and box production is undertaken in the UK. Books can be casebound using a traditional thread-sewn binding technique or the more contemporary lay-flat binding. Lay-flat binding is increasingly popular, particularly with luxury brands and artists, as it enables pages to lay completely flat allowing for uninterrupted, full bleed imagery across the spine.

The importance of tactile design & print for luxury brands

Touch is one of the most effective ways to communicate quality and the tactile nature of a luxury coffee table book can completely transform how it is perceived. We have heads full of innovative tactile design ideas and extensive knowledge of tactile print processes plus a library full of creative, high quality papers and book cover materials at our fingertips.

Sustainable book printing solutions

Our paper and material suppliers are at the forefront of new technologies and share our interest in sustainability. From book binding fabric made from 100% recycled waste ocean plastic, through to vegan mushroom or cactus leather, we are always on the look out for sustainable book binding materials and papers which do not compromise on the quality of the luxury books that we make. For a truly sustainable custom book solution we can also print books in a zero-emissions printing factory where all waste is contained at source.

Proofing and prototyping for peace of mind

Creating a coffee table book is a significant investment and for our client’s peace of mind we will always undertake a book proofing stage prior to final book production. A proofing stage includes book prototypes using correct paper stocks, cover materials and formats to clearly convey the final vision in terms of size, weight and tactility. Digital laser proofs of all text pages are presented alongside scatter proofs including sample sections of page elements we feel need more careful testing (ie. pale tints, metallics, keylines etc). We will also prototype a book box if required as part of the brief.

Following client sign off on the laser proofs and scatter proofs, we work closely alongside our print team to carefully manage the final book printing process. With on-press management enabling us to make small colour adjustments even once on press.

If you would like to speak to us about the design and printing of a custom coffee table book please email us or complete the enquiry form at the bottom of this page and we will be delighted to help.