Bespoke Packaging

Innovative packaging design for luxury & aspirational brands

We work with luxury brand owners on all aspects of their marketing and this often takes us into the realm of bespoke, innovative packaging design. We’ve created limited-edition, high-end boxes for coffee table books, luxurious boxed invitations for exclusive events and premium press kits to launch luxury products.

At SO, we are firm believers that the physical is a powerful tool in delighting consumers. All touch points on the customer journey are incredibly important in reinforcing the values and ethos of your brand and tapping into the sense of touch is a great way to create stronger connections with your target market – this falls under the term emotional branding. By introducing innovative packaging design, your brand can deliver an additional tactile experience that will connect with your target market on a more emotional level.

Luxury brands demand premium packaging with unparalleled craftsmanship and exceptional materials. Each piece of packaging we create is meticulously executed with the exceptional attention to detail and over the years many of our bespoke boxes, invitations and press kits have become collectors’ items because of their uniqueness.


“Luxury is in each detail”

Hubert de Givenchy

We specialise in producing hand-made bespoke packaging in small runs of between 100 and 500 units. We can offer larger quantities if required, but smaller runs enable more creative freedom through not being confined to the limitations of machinery. Higher levels of innovation and personalisation are also much more feasible for smaller quantities, with carefully considered hand-finished elements – as seen in a super yacht coffee table book box we recently completed.

We have been creating collectable, innovative packaging for more than 20 years. Luxury packaging ideas and beautiful design demand superb execution, so we work closely with a hand-picked team of niche craftspeople who share our exacting standards. Their proximity to London allows us to personally manage and quality control every stage of the packaging production process. As part of our impeccable service, we thoroughly test each completed piece to make sure it’s fit for purpose and exceptionally made.

Please get in touch to discuss how we can enhance your brand image through memorable innovative packaging.