Coffee table book for luxury hotel resort Anantara Kihavah

In an inspiring collaboration with luxury hotels and resorts brand Anantara, we had the privilege to design and craft a captivating coffee table book that delves into the pristine beauty of their famed house reef, nestled within a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve. This case study uncovers the intricate process of bringing this unique publication to life, showcasing the natural wonder of Anantara’s house reef through stunning visuals and elegant design.

A beautiful full bleed double page spread showing the location of the Island

Book concept & design

Our book design journey began with a focus on simplicity and elegance, allowing the imagery to take center stage. Avoiding excessive embellishments, we aimed to create a timeless aesthetic that resonated with the luxurious brand while ensuring the content remained the star of the show. Through a careful selection of typography, layout, and color palette, we crafted an understated yet captivating visual language that would resonate with the target audience.

Carefully curated imagery

At the heart of the coffee table book lies its imagery—capturing both the island’s breathtaking vistas and the hidden underwater treasures of the house reef. To achieve this, we worked closely with Anantara’s team of skilled photographers who embarked on a journey to document the island’s beauty in its full splendor. Each photograph was meticulously curated to transport readers to the very heart of the island’s tranquility and the vibrant life beneath its crystal-clear waters.


Limited edition version

To elevate the exclusivity of the project, a select number of limited edition versions of the coffee table book were crafted. These versions were accompanied by a luxurious slipcase, handcrafted using premium materials that echoed the refined nature of Anantara’s brand. This slipcase not only served as a protective casing but also added an element of opulence to the entire package, making it a covetable collector’s item.

The limited edition version of the coffee table book is housed within an elegant slipcase.

Content & narrative

Spanning 200 pages, this coffee table book guides readers on an immersive journey, narrating the story of Anantara’s house reef. The narrative expertly intertwines the island’s history, its unique ecosystem, and the efforts made by Anantara to preserve its delicate balance. The content was meticulously curated to ensure a seamless flow, capturing the attention of readers as they flip through the pages.



SO Creative worked their magic, turning our vision into reality. Their team is bursting with creativity, always one step ahead, they work at lightning speed, and have exceeded our high expectations. We’re thrilled with the result! They helped us put together a book that will inspire and enlighten every traveller and guest who picks it up. Working with SO Creative has been an absolute pleasure, and I would be delighted to work with them again in the future.

Earle Enriquez, Marketing and Communications Manager, Anantarah Kihavah


The journey of designing and crafting Anantara’s coffee table book celebrating their famed house reef has been a testament to the power of elegant design and breathtaking imagery. By staying true to the brand’s ethos and the enchanting story of the house reef, we’ve created a publication that not only graces the coffee tables of luxury establishments but also serves as a window into the mesmerizing beauty of nature’s untouched wonders.

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