We were incredibly busy in the studio last week putting the final touches to creative press kits we designed and produced for Clarion Communications, Lindt’s PR company.

We were commissioned to develop concepts for a luxury innovative press kit design to launch four delicious new flavours within Lindt’s Creation range. Our simple, cardboard engineered solution has a soft, luxurious velvet exterior with gold foil blocking.

“SO were a pleasure to work with and have a very can-do attitude. They delivered fantastic results for the launch which our client was very happy with. In particular, their creative approach and problem solving with the press kit created specifically for the event was fantastic.”

Cassie King, Senior Account Director, Clarion Communications

Being the perfectionist fools we are, we also volunteered to fulfill the press kits ourselves. As well as packing the chocolate (and resisting the temptation to eat it all), we also had to tie 100 perfect bows, ensuring the Lindt logo fell the right side up – not an easy task! Several ‘perfect bow’ YouTube clips later and the press kits looked good enough to eat!

Following the launch party last week I fear they now lie empty and gobbled. Fortunately we managed to take some great portfolio shots.