Luxury book design & packaging concept for Superyacht

It goes without saying that a luxury book design for a superyacht should exude luxury. However, even prior to opening a luxury book, an immediate wow factor can be achieved through the book ‘packaging’ itself.

Book packaging does not only refer to the physical format and cover design of the book (size, binding method, printing/production techniques and materials) but also a box if included. At SO, we invest a great deal of time on developing bespoke packaging concepts for luxury books and our network includes a very close-knit team of ‘makers’ to help us execute our ideas. It is this tried and tested network of niche craftsmen (including carpenters, marquetry experts and even stone masons!) which gives us the confidence to offer ‘out of the box’ ideas when it comes to luxury book design and packaging.

When we were asked to create a luxury book design and box concept to help market luxurious superyacht JOY, we were keen to reflect the contemporary style of the interiors. Paying particular attention to the most interesting artistry and craftsmanship seen throughout the yacht, we took our inspiration from the unique mirrored glass panels seen within the living quarters.

Including the same beautiful bay tree design, we combined the intricate, traditional craft of marquetry with modern materials to produce a unique slipcase box design. 

The most common and traditional material used for marquetry is wood. However, in order to represent JOY’s clean, smooth lines we opted for acrylic, a material not previously tested by us or our marquetry expert. Painstakingly created, many hours were spent creating this unique book box design. Nothing quite beats the beauty of knowing something has been lovingly handmade!