Bespoke website design & brand creation for national museum

Friends of the Bargello (FOTB) is a not-for-profit organisation set up to promote and protect Italy’s Museo Nazionale del Bargello. SO were commissioned to develop the brand positioning, logo and visual brand identity prior to creating a highly creative, bespoke website design. The brief was to create a sophisticated brand and a modern, engaging bespoke website which would exude the gravitas required to represent this amazing and unique museum.

Because this museum is so specific, our biggest challenge was to create a visual identity and website design which would reflect not only the Italian renaissance and the museum’s brilliant collection but more specifically the values and work of the Friends of the Bargello.  The logo we created features the iconic building which houses the collection. Imposing and fortress-like, the Bargello is the city’s oldest civic building and it is steeped in history.

The Bargello’s iconic tower which dominates the Florence sky line is visualised with dramatic perspective and a strong, warm glow of orange representative of terracotta rooftops.

Our objective when designing the website was to create an aesthetic, highly creative and enjoyable user experience which would not overshadow the FOTB’s key messages and featured works of art. A truly bespoke design, we designed and built a series of  ‘slides’ with simple design formats and varying transitional animations and which could be bolted together in any order when compiling different sections of the website. As usual, our solution is a fully bespoke, responsive website design offering a seamless user experience on all mobile devices.

You can view the bespoke website we created here:

Alongside the brand and website we also designed and printed stationery, invitations and other marketing collateral.

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