Luxury brand identity for high-end kitchen company

Grech & Grech create super-luxe kitchens for a diverse range of clientelle, including high profile celebrities, HNWIs and distinguished families worldwide. With an outdated brand and website that didn’t do justice to the calibre of their work and clientelle, a complete brand overhaul and new luxury brand identity was required. Following a brand audit, we initially developed a new brand positioning, followed by a visual brand identity and luxury website.

As well as a typographic logo, we also created a supporting brand icon intended for use as a stand alone graphical element, rather than being locked up to the typographic logo. Father and daughter team Will Grech and Donna Grech both have very different skill sets and the brand icon was designed to allude to these differences. Will is the creative mind,  constantly pushing boundaries to create unique solutions, whereas Donna is the super efficient and methodical project manager and managing director. To reflect these different skill sets, the two intertwined letter G’s in the brand icon carry very different styles – one a script style, creative flourish and the other a more structured letterform.

The brand icon developed as part of the luxury brand identity was created with a variety of uses and applications in mind, one of these being a Grech & Grech ‘seal of approval’ badge. Made from brushed metal it appears as a hallmark of quality concealed within every tailor-made Grech & Grech kitchen. Because the brand icon was to have many uses, three variants were designed as part of the luxury brand identity, to be used interchangeably depending on a specific substrate and application.

The business cards created as part of the luxury brand identity are not printed business cards in the traditional sense. As a tappable business card solution, contact details are transferred with a simple tap onto a smart phone. These new generation ‘smart’ business cards are not intended to be given away at all, meaning we only needed to produce a small quantity – great not only for the environment but also for our clients wallet! 

Made of premium bamboo, the cards have built-in NFC technology that wirelessly sends your information to someone else’s phone with just a single tap. When you tap the card a link will open up with your contact information etc, ready to be saved to the phone. For older phones that don’t have NFC, there is a QR code on the back of the card.

Sustainable and smart tappable business cards with NFC technology

As custom packaging specialists we also created a luxury presentation box design to hold physical samples. For use during presentations to clients, this luxury custom box is covered with tactile matt black fabric with the brand icon foiled in gloss black. 

Custom presentation box with foiled black brand icon

The flexible binder format allows for customised client presentations

Creation of a new luxury brand identity wouldn’t be complete without a brand new website and we carefully crafted the new website to showcase Grech & Grech’s extraordinary talent and exceptional portfolio. Bucking the trend of kitchen company website design to feature only imagery of kitchens, our client preferred to take a more artistic, creative approach. This applied to the landing page and home screens in particular, with full bleed images of beautiful, unique kitchen finishes and details introducing each section of the site.

Click here to view the luxury website we created for Grech & Grech.

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