Luxury product branding for the world’s first superyacht golf entertainment system

The wonderful team at Off the Deck entrusted us with the exciting task of creating luxury product branding for both their parent brand and their first groundbreaking product, the SEADRIVECX. This innovative superyacht toy promises a seamless golf entertainment experience on board, blending visionary thinking with cutting-edge Foresight Sports technology and precision engineering by leading F1 product designers.


The challenge

The SEADRIVECX stands as a testament to luxury and sophistication, drawing inspiration from the sleek aesthetics of supercars. However, Off the Deck recognised the need for more than just an exceptional product; they sought compelling brand positioning and distinctive brand identity that would resonate with the highly discerning and elite clientele of the superyacht world.

The brand development journey

Our journey with Off the Deck commenced with an in-depth discovery meeting. This crucial phase allowed us to delve into Off the Deck’s vision, discern their target audience, and align with their brand values. Building upon these insights, we crafted a persuasive brand positioning that provided the foundation for crafting their distinctive brand identity.

We sought inspiration for the brand identity from the refined and sophisticated world of both superyachts and supercars, along with the cutting-edge technology of golf entertainment. This creative fusion resulted in the development of a harmonious visual brand identity, capturing the essence of Off the Deck’s unique proposition.

By seamlessly combining the letters OTD , we created a simple, dynamic icon for the parent brand to emphasise a commitment to elegance and innovation. The typographic logo for SEADRIVECX was intentionally designed with its application onto the product in mind. Both the parent brand OTD and the product name SEADRIVECX are integrated onto the unit in a manner reminiscent of a car manufacturer’s emblem and model name, ensuring a seamless blend with the overall design.

Continuing the brand development journey

Our work underscores the importance of a comprehensive approach to branding, highlighting how every detail, from the minutest element to the overall product design, contributes to building a cohesive and compelling brand. Co-founder and Director Ashley Hare expressed, “SO are an absolute pleasure to work with. A refreshing combination of transparency, honesty, and vast experience led to astounding efficiency as we worked across multiple projects. SO took our vision and truly delivered.”

With the successful launch of SEADRIVECX in January 2024, capturing the attention of elite superyacht owners worldwide, we are looking forward to supporting Off the Deck in crafting impactful marketing materials through 2024 and beyond, further elevating the product’s presence in the luxury superyacht toy market.

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