Logo & brand design for architect & design studio

Named after its founder, Bruno Faggiano is a unique architecture and design studio based in Brazil. Bespoke projects are managed in their entirety – from concept to completion. We were commissioned to create an iconic brand design to symbolise the company mission of  ‘enhancing people’s lives through design’.

During the concept stages we explored many ideas around recognised symbols for growth, expansion and life itself. The final icon we created became a seamless combination of a few different concepts. A birds wing unfurling and expanding, representing freedom, spirit and growth and a nautilus shell symbolising perfection and beauty, along with the more obvious connotation of a ‘home’.


Additionally, the final icon design conforms to the golden ratio. In the world of art and architecture, the golden ratio has earned a tremendous reputation and can be seen in the work of great artists like Le Corbusier and Salvador Dalí. The Parthenon, the paintings of Michelangelo, the Mona Lisa, even the Apple logo are all said to incorporate it.

Our logo design process to create the perfect icon is thorough and methodical.

As part of the brand design project we also delivered concepts for bespoke web design, stationery including hand made envelopes and a variety of brand patterns.

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