Luxury brand logo, visual identity & website for superyacht broker

Hands down one of our most enjoyable projects and favourite clients to date – Maddox Yachts specialise in guiding Ultra-High-Net-Worth Individuals (UHNWIs) through the intricate processes of acquiring, owning, building, or selling superyachts.

When we embarked on the journey to develop the brand positioning, luxury brand logo and visual brand identity for Maddox Yachts, our primary goal was to encapsulate the essence of luxury and sophistication. Inspired by the approach taken by many renowned luxury fashion houses, we aimed for a luxury brand logo characterised by simplicity, elegance, and understated charm. A beautiful typographic logo with meticulously crafted curves forms the core of the visual brand identity. The decision to include only the word ‘Maddox’ as opposed to ‘Maddox Yachts’ was a concious decision taken to confidently rise above a more obvious sales driven approach.

The beautiful Adobe font (Ivy Ora) was selected as the brand font to complement the luxury brand logo, and a bespoke typography style was designed to add visual interest and a unique artistic expression to every piece of communication. This elegant typography shines on the Maddox website (also designed and built by us), setting the tone for the brand’s sophisticated image.

The core brand identity elements are encapsulated in one image

Selecting the perfect brand colors and paper stock

To maintain an air of understated elegance, we curated a muted colour palette consisting of greys and stone hues. These brand colours were meticulously paired with specialist coloured paper to ensure brand consistency. We selected tonal papers from Fedrigoni, including Sirio Pietra (charcoal) and Perla (dove grey) for the brand papers – beautiful uncoated papers with a slight texture, adding a tactile element to the brand’s identity.

The stationery suite includes business cards, letterheads, note cards and bespoke envelopes

High-end production techniques

To embody the luxury and exclusivity that Maddox stands for, the luxury brand logo and contact details on all stationery items were carefully die-stamped. This specialised printing technique (favoured by our royal clients) offers exceptional clarity, colour purity and depth, offering a tactile and high-end look and feel.

The two tone business cards, complete with painted edges, were created by duplexing the two brand papers, each at 270gsm, back to back, resulting in a super heavyweight (540gsm), prestigious business card. Both the painted edges and the engraving used for the luxury brand logo and contact details were Pantone matched to the Charcoal brand colour ensuring perfect consistency across all marketing materials.

Pushing boundaries in website design

After establishing the luxury brand logo and visual identity, we were ready to develop the company website. With aesthetics as a top priority for our client, we dedicated extensive hours to research, inspiration, concepts, design, and development. The result is a beautifully crafted website featuring numerous transitions and animations while maintaining excellent usability. Each scroll, every image, and all copy has been meticulously curated and crafted, resulting in a seamless and visually compelling user experience.

Visit the Maddox website

Visual storytelling: Choosing brand imagery

Choosing the right style of brand imagery is crucial for a luxury brand as it sets the tone and defines a brand’s identity. High-quality, visually compelling images convey sophistication, exclusivity and craftsmanship. A bespoke photoshoot is obviously the ideal to distinguish yourself from competitors and achieve precisely the visuals you need. Yet, when time is limited stock imagery can serve as a practical alternative. With a market saturated in cheesy, staged images, this task requires a lot of research and patience to find imagery with precisely the right look and feel.

We took great care to ensure each image would adhere to brand values and resonate with the target audience, enhancing brand perception and creating an emotional connection. With a combination of people and superyacht-focused imagery, as well as both black and white and colour, each images tells a story, embodies a lifestyle and captures a moment in time. A consistency in image style also ensures that every visual element reinforces the brand’s narrative and enhances its overall image in the competitive luxury market.

It takes time and patience to source precisely the right imagery


Our collaboration with Maddox Yachts over the past year has been an extraordinary journey of crafting a brand identity that exudes luxury, sophistication, and exclusivity. From the elegant typographic logo to the meticulously selected brand colours and papers, from the die-stamped stationery to the beautifully crafted website and carefully curated imagery, every element has been designed with precision and care. Maddox Yachts now stands as a beacon of luxury in the superyacht industry, ready to captivate and inspire its audience.


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