In the world of luxury print design, it’s not just about what you print, but how you print it. Specialist printing techniques are the artisans’ tools for crafting exquisite printed items that stand out in a sea of mass-produced mediocrity. These techniques add depth, texture and interactivity, creating a sensory journey that goes beyond the visual. In this insight, we’ll explore our favourite specialist printing techniques that turn ordinary print design into extraordinary works of art.


Engraving has long been celebrated as the epitome of luxury in the realm of print, especially favoured by royalty for their stationery, invitations, and other esteemed documents. This meticulous technique involves incising a design onto a metal plate, often copper, which is then inked and pressed onto paper, leaving behind a distinct and tactile impression. The choice of engraving is not merely a practical one but a symbol of prestige and discernment. The dignified allure of engraving, with its timeless elegance and tactile richness, ensures that it remains the quintessential choice for those who seek to make a statement of sophistication and exclusivity in their printed materials.

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Foiling can transform a standard piece of print into a tactile masterpiece, elevating its visual appeal. In luxury packaging, invitations, or branding materials, foiling quietly communicates a commitment to quality and attention to detail. This understated elegance evokes a sense of refinement, leaving a lasting impression on recipients who appreciate the subtle nuances of luxury. Foiling in luxury printing is the art of enhancing without overshadowing, ensuring that the final piece resonates with timeless elegance and charm.

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Textured foil

Taking foiling to the next level, textured foil in luxury printing offers a dynamic dimension to designs, providing depth, luminosity, and motion tailored to specific preferences. Textures can be added subtly for an understated elegance or boldly to emphasize particular elements, granting versatility in creative expression. These textured foils have the capacity to illuminate and enhance small details or make a design statement that commands attention. The selection of a modest foil can yield an understated elegance, while opting for vibrant metallic or richly colored foils can make a striking, memorable impact. In luxury printing, textured foil is a versatile tool, offering an array of possibilities to elevate and enrich visual communication.

Textured foil images by ©Tomlinson Ltd

Glitter varnish

By infusing glitter particles into UV or water-based varnish, a resplendent shimmering finish is achieved. When used in the right way, this transformative touch elevates mundane prints into resplendent works of art, radiating an aura of luxury. Whether adorning decorative designs, invitations, or cosmetics packaging, glitter varnish has the remarkable ability to infuse your luxury product with a well-deserved touch of opulent glamour, elevating its appeal to discerning clients.

Glitter varnish images by ©Celloglas

Fragrance burst

Imagine savouring the delightful surprise of scent emerging right through the packaging itself. This is the magic of Fragrance Burst, a unique sensory experience accessible to those who appreciate life’s simple pleasures. With a gentle rub, the fragrance reveals itself – you have the freedom to craft your personalised fragrance or choose from a range of options, spanning from sweet chocolate to savoury pizza. Dive into this aromatic journey designed for those who value the little joys in life.

Fragrance burst images by ©Celloglas

Textured varnish

Texture is king when it comes to luxury, and textured varnish delivers. Through the art of screen printing, intricate textured patterns and designs can be seamlessly integrated into your artwork, ushering in a tactile experience that infuses depth into your prints.  As you run your fingers over the surface, you can feel the intricacies of the texture, adding a tactile dimension and an element of interest and intrigue.

Textured varnish images by ©Celloglas


Micromotion, a patented technology, revolutionises printed graphics with captivating visual effects. Utilising intricate patterns, it imparts the illusion of motion and dynamic transformations based on viewing angles. This unique screen-printing technique delivers both tactile and visual engagement, making the end product stand out. These results stem from micro-printing precise linear optical arrays over graphics, manipulating reflected light to create the appearance of motion.

Micromotion images by ©Celloglas

Laser cutting

Precision and intricacy define laser cutting. This cutting-edge technology has elevated the art of bookmaking to new heights, allowing for intricate and captivating designs that were once inconceivable. Laser cutting enables the creation of beautifully detailed covers, intricate pop-up illustrations that leap off the pages, and precisely tailored packaging that exudes opulence and sophistication. The ability to intricately carve, etch, or perforate materials with pinpoint accuracy has opened up a realm of possibilities for designers and publishers, enabling them to craft exquisite, one-of-a-kind creations that captivate the senses and exemplify the epitome of luxury in the world of printed materials. Laser cutting is undeniably a transformative force in the realm of luxury print, offering endless opportunities for innovation and pushing the boundaries of what is possible in the world of printed artistry.

Laser cutting images by ©MinaLima


Tip-ins add a distinctive layer of interest and allow for the incorporation of various paper stocks within the same capacity. These, often showcasing extra images, illustrations, or even fold-out pages, serve as a visual treat for readers. Tip-ins provide a practical means of integrating diverse textures and finishes into a single book, elevating the tactile experience. Whether it’s a textured, heavyweight stock amidst smooth surfaces, or a metallic stock with embossing, tip-ins contribute to the book’s overall sensory richness. In luxury coffee table books, these artful inclusions enhance the storytelling aspect, offering a dynamic contrast and enriching the narrative through their subtle variations in paper quality. Making each page turn a journey of discovery and a testament to the meticulous creativity behind these cherished volumes.

Tip in images by ©MinaLima

In the realm of luxury printing, these specialist techniques are the keys to unlocking creativity and crafting one-of-a-kind experiences. They breathe life into prints, turning them into tangible expressions of artistry and opulence. The next time you hold a meticulously designed, textured, and scented piece of luxury print, you’ll know that it’s not just ink on paper – it’s a masterpiece created with passion and precision.

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