Custom book design for leading natural stone supplier

Custom book design and book box for Reveal Rox, a company specialising in end-to-end quarrying solutions on a global scale. From design to distribution, they extract, transport and deliver the highest quality natural stone products to private clients worldwide.

SO were tasked with designing a custom book in a coffee table book format that would be used both as a sales tool and to attract potential investors. Working closely with the in-house marketing team we initially devised the custom book structure and pagination prior to writing the book copy and developing the design concept.

Play the video to see a small selection of pages from the 120 page lay-flat coffee table book

The concept we created for the custom book box perfectly reflects what the company does – sourcing and extracting natural stone like marble, travertine and onyx from the rocky mountains. The custom box is entirely covered inside and out with a super high definition image of life-size rock. Printed on textured paper and heavily de-bossed with an irregular pattern, this gives the book box a rough, uneven feel similar to real rock. 

Once the rock is cracked open, a beautiful slab of precious stone is revealed within in the form of the book cover. The book, adorned with a photograph of unusual natural stone, is laminated and de-bossed to mimic the look and feel of the real thing.

Once the rock box is ‘cracked’ open the book sits within like a beautiful slab of stone

Our biggest challenge

Our client requested a coffee table book look and feel, with evocative copy and beautiful, full double page imagery. Once the narrative was outlined and copywriting underway, we began thinking about imagery. With no existing brand imagery and no possibility of a bespoke photoshoot, the biggest challenge when conceptualising this custom book was image sourcing. It actually took longer to source the imagery than to design the whole book! Our efforts were not in vain though, and in the deepest darkest archives of some of the biggest (and smallest!) image libraries we sourced some of the most powerful and striking imagery.

“A global operation that runs with perfectly engineered precision requires daring and innovation, exquisite craftsmanship, a pioneering spirit and a sense of adventure”

Contrasting image concepts weave throughout, illustrating the narrative. A huge digger is contrasted with a ballet dancer to illustrate the ultimate skill and precision required to extract precious slabs of stone safely and without damage. A vast, cavernous quarry is likened to a high ceilinged cathedral, and a dare devil high-wire walker perfectly illustrates the perilous, slow journey the lorries must take down treacherous, winding mountain trails – often carefully carrying just one slab of precious cargo at a time.

The custom book design was punctuated with impactful, full size images of unusual natural stone

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