Creative catalogue design for luxury antiquities gallery in Mayfair, London

As one part of a whole range of luxury branding and marketing collateral for Baron Lorne Thyssen-Bornemisza’s Greek antiquities gallery, we were also appointed to create a creative catalogue design to showcase the many exquisite pieces on sale. Steering well clear of traditional catalogue formats, our solution has the look and feel of a luxury coffee table book. Knowing full well that design is nothing without perfect execution, our client was happy to spare no expense in the print and production methods.

A simple, contemporary design style combined with high-end production techniques are what make this catalogue particularly special. A bespoke, unusual ‘block’ binding method, copper gilt edging and soft-touch laminate on every page make this feel more like an extravagant gift than a product catalogue.

“The SO team are passionate, engaged, professional, responsive, and utterly switched on to all that is beautiful, fresh, and bound to impress. From the moment they took Kallos on as a client they have been wholly dedicated to seeing our business astound and succeed.“

Glenn Lacki, Director at Kallos Gallery

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